Lust For Skulls Blanket by Sourpuss Clothing Lust For Skulls Blanket by Sourpuss Clothing
Lust For Skulls Blanket by Sourpuss Clothing $29.99
Lust For Skulls Blanket by Sourpuss Clothing - Stay cozy when you bundle up with the super soft Lust For Skulls Blanket by Sourpuss Clothing ! - Made of the softest coral fleece, it has an all over black and white pattern of skulls and is complete with red trim. - Perfect for couch scary movie marathons, naps, and curling up with your favorite book! Sourpuss Clothing From 2001, Sourpuss expanded into a well known store for a variety of apparel, accessories and home furnitures/decorations for people who enjoy walking off the beaten path. Sourpuss is well known to carry the love of old punk, rockabilly, tattooed pinups, vintage and kitschy oddities, retro monsters, tikis and sailors- along with numerous other things that make would surely make you happy! Not only has Sourpuss kept themselves independently owned, but their small business is also extremely a hands on operated organization. Long time punk and oi scene roots are a great part in influencing originality and loyalty in Sourpuss's DIY attitude in their products. That exact loyalty and support is reciprocated from what they receive from their customers which is greatly appreciated. From our individual retail customers to the worldwide boutiques that carry our brand, many of you have become an extension of our family. Every one of their retail customers are urged to support any local independent retailers that carry the Sourpuss Clothing brands. However, for the people who cannot access to local stores to purchase items, online services make it possible to view all which Sourpuss Clothing carries, along with other established brands that are also trying to make it in the market. Some of these include: Hell Bunny, Steady, Liquorbrand, Killstar, Restyle, Kreepsville 666, etc. also proud retailers of classic UK brands like Fred Perry, Brutus, Merc, and Relco. In addition to clothing, they have a large selection of women's hair dye, band merchandise and offbeat housewares. Well stocked with every kind of fashionable wears, Sourpuss Clothing provides unmatchable quality of products that punk rock and rockabilly babes are greatly influenced to love. You'll be sure to swoon over the vast amount of the types of apparel and the various accessories for the rockabilly women's fashion. You’ll be pleased as punch with their selection of housewares that include shower curtains, throw pillows, and coffee mugs. B-Movie scream queens and fans of vintage witch kitsch alike are sure to simply adore Sourpuss Clothing. Drawing on the inescapably creepy and mixing it with a heavy dose of sweetness, Sourpuss Clothing’s collection of clothing and accessories are a deadly concoction of must-have alternative styles. Sourpuss Clothing stick to their punk rock roots while delivering alternative pieces for gals with a truly alternative taste in style. You’ll find Sourpuss Clothing women’s clothing, accessories and homeware ready and waiting for you to take home in our Sourpuss Clothing collection Sourpuss's founder travels extensively, always on the search for new experiences and inspiration that influence her designs. Every Sourpuss brand item has a bit of its founder in it, taken to the next level with our creative team. Believing, “It’s always been my intention to create what I want to wear, own or gift to a friend." Sourpuss is more then a brand, it is a lifestyle and a community.

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