Fuck You You Fucking F... $5.00
Fuck You You Fucking Fuck Embroidered Patch - Add this Fuck You You Fucking Fuck Embroidered patch to your favorite jacket or vest.
Mayhem Deathcrush T-Shirt from $20.99
Mayhem Deathcrush T-Shirt - Deathcrush is an EP by the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. It was released on 16 August 1987 - This Mayhem T-Shirt is made in a black cotton with a slim fit for perfect wear out for any place. - Wear this Mayhem T-Shirt out and show your love for Mayhem and the Deathcrush album!
TUK Black Leather Doub... $115.99
TUK Black Leather Double Decker Creeper - Chunky soles? We’re in. Has a black creeper upper made of our high quality TUKskin™ material — polishable synthetic faux leather that is both soft and breathable. - Has a platform height that stands at 2” with screws in the sole for extra allure. - This TUK Black Leather Double Decker Creeper comes with removable memory foam insoles for added comfort. If you like these Double Decker Creepers, then check out the TUK Pink Suede Double Decker Creeper ! T.U.K./Creeper History Originally from Northampton, England, T.U.K. has moved to the sandy shores of San Diego, CA since 1990. English footwear since the 1890s, brought the distinctly British aspects of the shoe and found the greatest inspiration and influence in the ever growing Southern California punk rock scene. The main result was: a one-of-a-kind distinctive brand of footwear that fosters punk roots across the entire world. T.U.K.’s first retail store was opened in 1991, selling their very own shoes in-house. T.U.K. was selling its products worldwide. T.U.K. fabricates a variety of footwear from women’s high heels to unisex sneakers, but the most popular design is, without a doubt, the creeper platform design. Made from crepe rubber during WWII, the thick creeper-sole helped soldiers in the deserts of North African across the hot and sandy terrain. John Ayto claims to have labeled the name ‘brothel creeper’ during those wartime years. The Smithsonian Museum suggests that the crepe in the thick sole might have provided the creeper name towards the shoe. It can also possibly be associated with Ken Mackintosh’s dance tune which had great popularity in 1953 called “The Creep.” Like fashion does, it followed the foot steps of these soldiers and the thick soles began to catch on in England. In London, the decades following the war gave way to a kaleidoscopic cultural underground with subcultures exploding with a variety of styles during the time.Influenced by the Edwardian dressing manner of the Dandies, the Teddy Boy style grew along with the introduction of American rock n’ roll music. The creeper shoe was also well worn by the Ton-Up boys from the 1950s and later on by the rockers of the ’60s, who enjoyed them as an alternative shoe when they weren’t riding their motorbikes. Greased hair was the style of preference. And if you looked down and your feet at any moment, you’d be sure to see the Teds boasting their fine polished oxfords, or the crepe-soled classic, platformed creepers. As we know, through the ‘60s and ‘70s was the rise of the Rockers and the Mods, who took hold their liking in classic Teddy Boy-centric garb ebbed and flowed, and it wasn’t until the great rise of punk around the mid ‘70s when the creeper was once again seen on the feet of many, an uproar that surged well into the ‘80s, thrived ‘90s, and eventually exploded with the great expansion of the world-wide web. Now more than ever before, outsider styles and subcultures hold the style inspired around the whole world, and with its historical background that is deeply woven in the English style and at the West Coast punk way of living, T.U.K. is able to perfectly represent and illustrate the culture clash/expansion of the past few decades.
Mayhem Deathcrush Red ... from $23.99
Mayhem Deathcrush Red T-Shirt - Deathcrush is an EP by the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. It was released on 16 August 1987 - This Mayhem T-Shirt is made in a red cotton with a slim fit for perfect wear out for any place. - Wear this Mayhem T-Shirt out and show your love for Mayhem and the Deathcrush album! About the band In the bleak Norwegian winter of 1987, amidst the frozen forests and secluded cabins, Mayhem embarked on a dark and audacious journey to create their now-infamous EP, "Deathcrush." Driven by a relentless desire to push the boundaries of extreme metal, the band secluded themselves in a remote cabin deep in the woods. Surrounded by eerie silence and frost-covered trees, they immersed themselves in the creation of music that would shock and redefine the burgeoning black metal scene. The atmosphere inside the cabin was charged with an electric tension, fueled by the band's unwavering commitment to darkness and chaos. With blistering guitar riffs that echoed through the snowy landscape, pounding drums that reverberated like distant thunder, and vocals that unleashed primal screams into the frigid air, Mayhem captured the essence of their volatile spirit in every note. The recording sessions were intense and unorthodox, marked by moments of madness and inspiration. As they huddled around a crackling fire, channeling the bleakness of their surroundings into their music, Mayhem forged "Deathcrush" as a testament to their raw power and unyielding defiance. Released in 1987, "Deathcrush" shocked the metal world with its unrelenting aggression and darkly poetic lyrics. It became a catalyst for the Norwegian black metal movement, inspiring a new generation of bands to embrace the genre's ferocity and embrace its forbidden allure. To this day, "Deathcrush" stands as a haunting reminder of Mayhem's tumultuous journey and their enduring legacy in the annals of extreme metal history.

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